Division of Plant Pathology

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  • Externally Funded Projects
Name of the project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration
Promotion of year round cultivation of mushrooms for self employment in Jammu Division. PI - Dr. Sachin Gupta   HTMM-1 ICAR 2008-13
Isolation, characterization and multiplication of bioagents for management of wilt diseases in solanaceous crops of Jammu. PI - Dr. Sachin Gupta; DBT New Delhi 2010-13
Promotion of biological control as a key component for management of soil borne pathogens for sustainable horticulture in Jammu province of J&K. PI - Dr. Vishal Gupta   HTMM-1 ICAR 2009-13
Diversity of Pseudomonas fluroscence and utilization in diseases suppression and nutrient management. PI - Dr. Vishal Gupta   DST New Delhi 2012-15
  • University Funded Projects 08
  • Spawn production and Mushroom cultivation
  • Production and Processing of Saffron and Kalazeera