Information Base of NISAGENET

The Information Base of NISAGENET is comprises of all the activities of Agricultural Universities. For relevant data collection and compilation, the activities have been classified into following 6 schedules:

1.      Academic Information     - Schedule - I

2.      Infrastructural Facilities  - Schedule - II

3.      Budget Information        - Schedule - III

4.      Manpower Information    - Schedule - IV

5.      Faculty Profile               - Schedule  - V

6.      R&D Activities               - Schedule  - VI

Academic Information Schedule – I
 covers General Information About Universities & its Colleges; Details About Administrative Heads; Disciplines of UG/ PG Programs; Strength of Students; Training Programs Organized; Mode of Admissions; Scholarships / Reservations and Placement Cell.

Infrastructural Facilities : Schedule - II covers laboratory Facilities; Major Equipments and Machineries; Lecture Rooms; Sports/Cultural Facilities; Library Facilities; Medical Facilities; Hostel/Guest House Facilities.

Budget : Schedule – III covers Receipts from Different Sources; Source-Wise Income of University; Allocation of Funds; Details of Budget Expenditure

Manpower : Schedule – IV covers , Gender wise, Category wise, Sanctioned, In Position & Vacant Status of Faculty Members; Status of Technical Staff; Status of Administrative Staff; Status of Supporting /Auxiliary Staff.

Faculty Profile : Schedule – V covers, Background Information of Faculty; Academic Details; Service Particulars; Training Programmes Attended; Publications; Agri. Varieties / Packages of Practices Developed and Awards and Achievements.

R&D Activities : Schedule – VI covers, Ongoing Research Projects; University Academic Achievements; University  R&D Activities; Workshops Organised;  Seminar/Conferences; Summer/Winter Schools; Field Demonstrations; Women Training Programs; Kisan Melas; Adhoc Training; University Publications and Technologies Developed.