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  • To characterize existing farming systems to know the productivity, viability and constraints.
  • To develop and validate region-specific Integrated Farming System Models for enhanced system productivity, profitability and sustainability.
  • To assess relative efficiencies of the IFS model in terms of economics, resource use and energy.
  • To optimize individual components of IFS in regional perspective
  • Capacity building of stakeholders in Integrated Farming Systems through appropriate trainings.

    All India Coordinated Agronomic Research Project" with two components viz Model Agronomic Experiments and Simple Fertilizer trials was sanctioned first by ICAR in the year 1968 with R.S. Pura as Sub-Centre. During VII th five year plan 1984, the Centre was upgraded as Main Centre by ICAR with a budgetary support of 75 % by the ICAR and 25 % by the state and the scheme was renamed as AICRP on Cropping Systems and the Centre of SKUAST- J& K, R.S.Pura, Jammu was named as Cropping System Research. Latter on in 1993, Experiment on cultivators field (ECF) as a scheme of CSR was sanctioned by ICAR aiming to conduct the experiment at various location of the Jammu division in the Farmers field for developing location specific technologies

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration

Name : Dr. Dileep Kachroo
Designation : Chief Scientist (FSR)
Area of Specialization : Crop Production and Nutrient, Water Weed Management & Farming System Research
E mail : dileepkachroo@rediffmail.com
Contact No : +91 9419187553
Profile : -

Name : Dr. Narender Pal Thakur
Designation : Sr. Scientist (Soil)
Area of Specialization : Soil chemistry & fertility/Soil Technology
E mail : Npthakur08@gmail.com
Contact No : 94193-32934
Profile : -

Name : Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta
Designation : ssociate Professor-cum-Senior Scientist (Agronomy)
Area of Specialization : Crop Production Nutrient Management
E mail : magdeshwars@gmail.com
Contact No : 0191-2565178
Profile : -

Name : Dr. Vijay Khajuria
Designation : Junior Scientist
Area of Specialization : Crop Production(Agronomy)
E mail : dr.vijaykhajuria@gmail.com
Contact No : 09596913247
Profile : -

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