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The Maize Breeding Research Sub-Station has responsibility for development of hybrid and composite varieties of maize most suitable for prevailing agro-climatic conditions. The following research works are being carried out at the station:

1.      Collection of elite maize germplasm

2.      Development and maintenance of maize inbred lines

3.      Utilization of promising maize inbreds in hybrid and composite development programmes

The station is also working as volunteer centre for AICRP on Maize.


The station is coordinating TSP seed project (ICAR) for Poonch district, and has responsibility of coordination for training on seed production in agricultural crops and input distribution to the tribal farmers of the district.

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
Development of Hybrids/Composites/ Synthetics in maize suitable for intermediate hill (rainfed) zone. Dr. Praveen Singh Institutional long term -
Volunteer centre of AICRP on Maize Dr. Praveen Singh- Breeder IIMR, New Delhi Long Term -
Seed production in agricultural crops: Tribal Seed Project. Dr. Praveen Singh- coordinator ICAR Annual -

Name : Dr. Praveen Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization : Plant Breeding and Genetics (Maize and Rice Breeding Research)
E mail :
Contact No : 9419220574
Profile : View Profile

Research and extension activities at MBRSS, Poonch

  1. Development of Hybrids/Composites/ Synthetics in maize (Zea mays L.) suitable for intermediate hill (rainfed) zone.

  2. Survey, collection, conservation, evaluation and utilization of elite maize germplasm suitable under intermediate hill (rainfed) zone

  3. Genetic amelioration of specialty corns viz., pop corn, sweet corn and baby corn suitable for intermediate hill region

    Externally Funded Research

  1. Evaluation of AICRP on maize trials as volunteer centre of IIMR, New Delhi.

  2. Evaluation of Private sector hybrids as testing centre.

Training, demonstration and input distribution programme for tribal farmers of Poonch district under Tribal sub plan (ICAR).

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