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1.Assessment of surface and ground water availability and quality at regional level and to evolve management strategies using Decision Support Systems (DDS) for matching water supply and demand in agricultural production systems.
2.Design, development and refinement of surface and pressurized irrigation systems including small holders systems for enhancing water use efficiency and water productivity for different agro-eco systems.
3.Management of rain water for judicious use and to develop and evaluate groundwater recharge technologies for augmenting groundwater availability under different hydro-geological conditions.
4.Basic studies on soil-water-plant-environment relationship under changing scenarios of irrigation water management.
5.To evolve management strategies for conjunctive use of surface and ground water resources for sustainable crop production.

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
To Scale up water productivity through modern irrigation technologies under PMKSY Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar -
Collaborated studies with CGWN-NWHR-Jammu related to aquifer mapping and preparation of Management plan for state. Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar -
Evaluation on in-situ and ex-situ water harvesting methods for up-scaling crop water productivity under sub-tropical area of Jammu Dr. Abhijit Samanta ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -
Strategizing On-Farm Research in Sprinkler Irrigation for Basmati Rice- Wheat sequence within Canal Command Areas of Jammu Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -
Sustainable intensification of crop water productivity in irrigated lowlands of Jammu Dr. Abhijit Samanta ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -
Conjunctive use management of surface water and groundwater at D-9 and D-10 distributary of Ranbir canal command of Jammu- On- Farm. Dr. Abhijit Samanta ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -
Standardization and Productivity Enhancement of Raised beds under Raised – Sunken Bed Technology for Waterlogged Areas of Jammu. Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -
Collaborated studies with CGWN-NWHR-Jammu related to aquifer mapping and preparation of Management plan for state. Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar -
Evaluation of drip irrigation layout and effect of irrigation on Okra-Broccoli-tomato- (Revised) Dr. Vijay Bharti ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar 3 -

Name : Dr. A.K. Sharma
Designation : Chief Scientist
Area of Specialization : Irrigation Water Management, Crop Management, Cropping System and Rainfed Agriculture
E mail : profaksharma27@gmail.com
Contact No : 9419145510
Profile : -

Name : Dr. A. Samanta
Designation : Professor (Soils)
Area of Specialization : Irrigation water management, Watershed Management, Water harvesting, Sustainable Action plans, Soil erosion & Catchment’s area treatment
E mail : samanta.abhijit86@gmail.com
Contact No : 09419148656
Profile : -

Name : Dr. Vijay Bharti
Designation : Sr. Scientist (Agronomy)
Area of Specialization : Agronomy(Water Management)
E mail : vibhrt25@gmail.com
Contact No : 9419235884
Profile : -

Success Stories:
1.  Initially reluctant but now advocating border strip method for enhanced yield.
  • Mr. Bua Ditta of village Hakkal, Satwari Block, Jammu was initially reluctant to accept the border strip method of irrigation owing to involvement of labour in making the strips and furrows.  After seen the demonstration by AICRP on Irrigation Water Management, Jammu Centre, he was convinced with the technology and adopted the f border strip method of irrigation with the guidance of scientists.  He made strips of 4 m and a drainage channel at lower end of the field.  He was amazed to see the increase in grain yield upto 1.4 t per hectare.  Overwhelmed with the results, Bua Ditta is strongly advocating the intervention and convincing the other farmers for adoption.  His case have instilled enough confidence among the farmers of Satwari block and many farmers are growing wheat through border strip method of irrigation.

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Laser Land Leveling for Improved Rice-Wheat Productivity in Irrigated Canal Command (Jammu).

Precision land leveling involves topographical alterations in such a way as to create a constant slope of 0 to 0.2% in the fields.  Cutting or filling to create the desired slope/level of the field is achieved using large horsepower tractors and soil movers that are equipped with global positioning systems (GPS) and or laser-guided instrumentation so as to move the soil in either direction.  The improved yield levels in laser levelled plots were achieved due to increase in use efficiencies of applied nutrients and water in terms of application, distribution and storage.

The technology is most suited for irrigated canal commands where rice-wheat is prevalent and one of the most water intensive cropping sequence.  this intervention involves expenditure of Rs.8800/-  and the adoption of this technology can increase yield of rice-wheat sequence by 1 t/ha.  The technology can generate additional benefit of Rs. 18000/ha/yr compared to traditionally leveled plots.  The highest net return of Rs.1,12,000/ha/yr with a benefit cost ratio of 2:1 can be achieved from the system.  The technology has been adopted by farmers of village Sultanpur and Haripur Sania of Kathua district, Jammu and Kashmir.  The technology has been developed and demonstrated in the farmers field and is ready for use. 

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