List of Running Adhoc /AICRP Projects w.e.f. April, 2017 till date

List of On-going Adhoc/AICRPs Projects

S. No Title of Project Name of the PI Budget Funding Agency Date of Start
  • Department of Bio-Technology (DBT)=14
1. Development of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for Brassica juncea Dr. Ravinder Singh 58.43 DBT, New Delhi July,2013
2. Socioeconomic up-liftment of rural women through development of value added meat products Dr. Sunil Kumar 13.22 DBT, New Delhi Sept.,2013
3. Erucic acid profiling and introgression of low erucic acid trait in desirable cultivars of Brassica juncea L. (DBT) Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Rai 34.85 DBT, New Delhi Sept., 2014
4. Isolation, identification and characterization of plant viruses affecting solanaceous crops in different agro climatic zones of Jammu region Dr. Ranbir Singh 51.97 DBT, New Delhi 2015
5. Expression profiling of dof genes for accumulation of seed storage protein and nitrogen profiling in beans (Rajmash) Dr. Moni Gupta 40.11 DBT, New Delhi 2015
6. Exploration of respiratory meta-genome of small ruminants and establishment of referral diagnostic facility Dr. Anil Taku 14.37 DBT, New Delhi April, 2015
7. Development of semi-dwarf blast and bacterial blight resistant version of Ranbir Basmati by marker assisted backcross breeding Dr. R.K. Salgotra 60.2 DBT, New Delhi June, 2015
8. Genetic dissection of heat tolerance in wheat using multiple bi-parental RIL mapping populations Dr. Bikram Singh 130.52 DBT, New Delhi June, 2015
9. Economic empowerment of rural goat farmers through scientific intervention in block R.S. Pura of Jammu Division Dr. J.S. Soodan 24.16 DBT, New Delhi June, 2015
10. SSR based Germplasm characterization for resistance to powdery mildew in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Dr. Susheel Sharma 32.53 DBT, New Delhi June, 2015
11. Exploitation of existing bio-diversity for sustainability and farm profitability under rainfed agriculture Dr. Meenakshi Gupta 24.53 DBT, New Delhi 2015
12. Community based mass production for bio-agents in J&K: Popularization of low cost technology for agri entrepreneurship through farm based bio-control units Dr. R.K. Gupta 31.86 DBT, New Delhi Dec., 2015
13. Upliftment of marginal basmati growers through System of Rice Intensification in Jammu region Dr Anuradha Saha 41.9 DBT, New Delhi 2016
14. Hydrophonically grown fodder for sustainable livestock production and farm profit Dr. R.K.Sharma   DBT, New Delhi Jan,2017
Department of Science and Technology=15
1. Design and development of a tractor operated soil compaction measurement device Dr. Hemant Dadhich 17.51 DST, New Delhi Jan.,2013
2. Development and Evaluation of Automatic Timer Based Variable Speed Device for Sprinkler System Dr. Sushmita M. Dadhich 17.85 DST, New Delhi June,2013
3. Entrepreneurship opportunities for socio-economic upliftment of rural farmers through QPM hybrid seed production techniques Dr. Vikas Sharma 17.2 DST, New Delhi Aug.,2013
4. Molecular marker assisted selection of powdery mildew resistance genes into the elite cultivars of pea (Pisum sativum L.)- SERB Dr. Susheel Sharma 19 DST, New Delhi May,2014
5. Farmers’ participatory collection, characterization and conservation of endangered genetic diversity of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) in Shivaliks Dr. Susheel Sharma 6.96 DST, New Delhi Aug.,2014
6. Molecular marker assisted introgression and validation of blast resistance genes in the rice cultivar K 343 recommendation for the hill zone of Jammu and Kashmir Dr. Manmohan Sharma 30.29 DST, New Delhi 2014
7. Demonstration of techniques for improving productivity of rainfed areas in Jammu district Dr. R.K. Srivastava 59.36 DST, New Delhi October, 2015
8. Genome wide analysis of small c-terminally encoded peptide (CEP) multigene family and elucidating its role in abiotic stress tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Dr. Sumita Kumari 6.2 SERB, New Delhi 2015
9. Technological interventions to improve production of dairy and poultry in rainfed areas of Jammu district Dr.Rajesh Katoch 39.74 DST, New Delhi June,2016
10. Estimation and Evaluation of anti-microbial residues in foods of animal origin in Jammu region and their impact on human health Dr.Mudasir Sultana 63.00 DST, New Delhi June,2016
11. Revival of village ponds through scientific intervention Dr.Vivek M.Arya 41.00 DST, New Delhi Sept,2016
11. Diagnosis and interventional strategies for prevention and control of common parasitic zoonoses of livestock and their reares belonging to schedule caste and schedule tribe population for socio-economic upliftment Dr. Modh. Rashid 10.2 DST, New Delhi OCT,2016
13. Rural Women Technology Park in Deoli Village,Bishnah Block,Jammu District,J&K State (Technological interventions in clean meat,milk,fish production and socio economic empowerment of rural women through training’s on value added livestock products)” Dr Arvind Kumar 43.33 DST, New Delhi Dec.,2016
14. Assessment of impact of thermal stress on dairy animals of Jammu region and designing low-cost input managemental interventions for its amelioration Dr. Dipanjali Kanwar 58.00 DST, New Delhi Jan.,2017
15. Synthesis of new gene pool following introgression of disease resistance and drought tolearance genes from secondary(Phaseolus coccineus L.) and tertiary (Phaseolus acutifolius L.) gene pools into cultivated Phaseolus vulgans L. Dr.Sanjeev kumar 40.0 lakh SERB, New Delhi March,2017
All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE)=1
1. All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) Dr. S.E.H. Rizvi Nil MHRD 2011
Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY)=11
1. Establishment of testing centre for testing of farm implements and machinery Dr. Susheel Sharma 130 RKVY July,2013
2. Detection of Acaricide resistance in ticks Dr. Rajesh Katoch 21.75 RKVY 2014
3. Nutritional enhancement of livestock through Urea Mollases Malnutrient Block and roughage block supplementation Dr. Rajeev Singh 20 RKVY 2014
4. Production of quality planting material of commercially important vegetables of Jammu region Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 23.22 RKVY 2014
5. Assessment of soil fertility and its spatial variability for nutrient management using GIS in various districts of Jammu Division Dr. K.R. Sharma 76.84 RKVY 2014
6. Establishment of Nut Centre in intermediate agro-climate zone of Jammu Province to augment requirement of quality planting material Dr. Rajesh Kumar 31.59 RKVY 2014
7. Standardization of commercial protocol for condensed tannis enriched multi nutrient blocks Dr. A.K. Pathak 2.35 RKVY 2014
8. Development of organic production pacakage for field crops Dr. Vikas Sharma 37.5 RKVY March, 2016
9. Demonstration of agro-techniques and mass production of planting material of kala zeera in Paddar Valley Dr.Sushil Kr.Gupta 1.0 RKVY 2016-17
10. Entrepreneurship development in organic farming for sustainable livelihood security of small & marginal farmers Dr. Narendra Panotra, OFRC 17.55 RKVY 2016-17
11. Composting technology for farm waste management and nutrient recycling Dr.Pradeep Wali, ADR Seeds 6.00 RKVY 2016-17
1. Exploration of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria antagonistic and plant pathogenic microbial resources from high altitude agro-climatic/cropping systems of Jammu and Kashmir State for sustainable agriculture… Dr. Vishal Gupta 43.82 AMAAS
April, 2014
2. Degradation and effective utilization of agrowastes through technologies evolving mushroom or macro-fungi… Dr. Sachin Gupta 38.92 AMAAS
April, 2014
National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)=9
1. Production & demonstration of quality planting material of commercially important cut and loose flowers in Jammu region under FITF Dr. R.K.Pandey 8.68 NABARD Oct.,2014
2. Commercial production of vegetable seedlings for livelihood security: An entrepreneurship venture Dr.Manoj Kumar 9.9 NABARD March, 2014
3. Interventional strategies for prevention and control of common parasitic zoonoses of sheep, goats and nomadic women for socio-economic upliftment of nomads Dr. Modh. Rashid 2.7 NABARD March, 2015
4. Promotion of vermi-composting and vermiwash as a Venture for the up-liftment of socio-economic status of the rural youth district Jammu and Samba Dr. Pardeep Kumar Rai, 9.53 NABARD January, 2016
5. Scientific intervention for validation and popularization of traps intensive insect pest management in vegetable growing areas of Jammu region Dr. Devinder Sharma 8.58 NABARD January, 2016
6. Training and demonstration of Leaf Color Chart (LCC) based fertilizer N management to farmers under Climate Smart Agriculture Practices (CSAP) Dr. Vivak M. Arya, 9.859 NABARD January, 2016
7. Production and demonstration of quality planting material of commercially important medicinal trees for livelihood security Dr. Punit Choudhary 10.97 NABARD January, 2016
8. On-farm training and demonstration of biochar for carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation in kandi belt of Jammu Dr. Peeyush Sharma 9.94 NABARD January, 2016
9. Setting of Spawn production Dr,Amrish Vaid 10.00 NABARD 2015
National Food Security Mission (NFSM)=2
1. Quality seed production for higher productivity of pulses through farmer’s participatory programme in Shiwalik foot hills of Jammu region (NFSM) Dr. Brij Nandan 48.96 (NFSM) 2015
2. Creation of seed hubs for increasing indigenous production of pulses in India Dr.B.S. Jamwal (Nodal Officer) 150.00 NFSM Cell 2017
Horticulture Mission for North East Himalayas (HMNEH) (MIDH)=14
1. Establishment of root stock and bud wood bank at SKUAST-J and their large scale multiplication (HMNEH) Dr. Arti Sharma 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
2. Domestication of naturally occurring and wild relatives of some fruits for specific horticultural trait (s) (HMNEH) Dr. Amit Jasrotia 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
3. Dissemination of refined production technology of rare exotic vegetable crops in Jammu region (HMNEH) Dr. R.K. Samnotra 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
4. High density orcharding of mango and guava in Jammu sub-tropics (HMNEH) Dr. Akash Sharma 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
5. Technology refinement and dissemination of ginger and turmeric in Jammu region (HMNEH) Dr. Sandeep Chopra 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) > 2014
6. Development of Aonla based cropping system for Jammu sub-tropics (HMNEH) Dr. Deep Ji Bhat 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
7. Refinement and improvement of soil quality and water productivity enhancement technology in rainfed orchard of Jammu region (HMNEH) Dr. Vivek M Arya 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
8. Training and demonstration on rejuvenation of old/unproductive orchards in Jammu subtropical (HMNEH) Dr. Prashant Bakshi 26.3 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
9. Disease/Forecasting Unit (MIDH) Dr. V.K. Razdan 6 HMNEH (MIDH) 2015
10. Establishment of biological control laboratory in SKUAST-J (MIDH) Dr. R.K. Gupta 90 HMNEH (MIDH) 2014
11. National Bamboo Mission (MIDH) Dr. Sushil K Gupta 158.76 HMNEH (MIDH) January, 2015
12. Centre of Excellence for Horticulture (MIDH) Director Research 1000.00 MIDH 2015
13. Setting up of New Tissue Culture Unit (MIDH) Dr. V.K. Wali, 6.00 MIDH 2015
14. Screening of elite Germplasm of Kagzi lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) and their mass multiplication in subtropical areas of Jammu (MIDH) Dr. Rakesh Kumar 1.25 MIDH May, 2015
National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)=3
1. Establishment of micro irrigation systems under On farm  water management component (NMSA) Dr. Susheel Sharma   43.96 NMSA Dec.,2014
2. Soil sampling /analysis under Soil Health card (NMSA) Dr.K.R.Sharma 1.00 NMSA Nov.,2016
3. Updation of District Agriculture Contingency Plan Dr.Abhijeet Samanta 14.57 NMSA Feb.,2017
UMEED….Govt. Of J&K=1
1. Creation & capacity building of women self help group members from UMEED as paravets (Pashu Sakhi) of Jammu Division of J&K State…. Dr. M.S. Bhadwal 14.57 UMEED…. Govt. Of J&K May, 2015
Defence R & D Establishment, Ministry of Defence, Jhansi Road, Gwalior=1
1. Screening of suspected animal samples for the presence of Coxiella burnetii (DRDE) Dr. S.K. Kotwal 5.95 Defence R & D Establishment April, 2015
Directorate of Agriculture,Talab Tillo,Jammu=2
1. Centre of Excellence in Vegetables Dr.R.K.Gupta,Vegetable Science 5.00 Directorate of Agriculture Jan.,2017
2. Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture Project-Bhalwal Dr.Anil Sharma,ACRA,Dhiansar 10 Directorate of Agriculture Jan.,2017
1. Unraveling occurrences pattern, molecular details of etiology and cost effective preventive measures of bovine mastitis and its impact milk quality and dairy food safety Dr. Neelesh Sharma 26.00 ICAR Extramural March, 2016
ICAR funded projects under NAIP, Mega Seed Project, NICRA etc.  (All long Term)=8
1. Seed Production in Agricultural Crops Dr. Pradeep Wali 10, 27, 289/- (2015-2016) Directorate of Seed Research (ICAR) 2010
2. National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (AICRPAM-NICRA) Dr. Mahender Singh 20.57 CRIDA (ICAR), Hyderabad 2011
3. National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture, AICRPDA-NICRA-Component-II Dr. A.P.Singh 12.3 CRIDA (ICAR), Hyderabad 2011
4. National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (AICRP) Dr. Amrish Vaid Yearly variable CRIDA (ICAR), Hyderabad 2012
5. Climate change on lac crop performance (NICRA) Dr. R. K. Gupta 4 IINRG (ICAR) Ranchi 2012
6. Veterinary Type Culture Collection (VTCC) Network Centre Dr. Anil Taku 5 NCRE (ICAR) Hisar 2012
7. Soil erosion mitigation and carbon sequestration potential of climate resilient agriculture practices in foothill shivaliks of Jammu province Dr.Vikas Sharma 41.75 NICRA 2016
8. Exploring economic opportunities for farmers of kandi villages through application of proven rainfed technologies Dr.R.K. Arora 16.77 ICAR Jan.,2017
IMD (Indian Meterological Deptt.)=1
1. Forecasting Agricultural Output using Space, Agrometerology and Land based observations (FASAL), Jammu Dr. Mahender singh 11.15 (1st year) IMD (MOES), New Delhi IMD (MOES), New Delhi 2011
NHB(National Horticulture Board)=1
1. Establishment of mother plant nurseries for high pedigree plant material for fruit crops Dr. V. K. Wali 43 NHB, Gurgaon 2012
AICRP (Main Centres)=11
1. All India Co-ordinated Rice Improvement Project, Chatha Dr. Anil Gupta 75:25(ICAR:State) IIRR, (ICAR) Hyderabad IIRR, (ICAR) Hyderabad 1998
2. All India Co-ordinated Project on Wheat and Barley, Chatha Dr. Tuhina Dey 75:25(ICAR:State) IIWBR

3. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Dryland Research Dr. A P Singh 75:25(ICAR:State) CRIDA (ICAR), Hyderabad 1972
4. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Integrated Farming System, Chatha Dr. N.P. Thakur 75:25(ICAR:State) PDFSR (ICAR),
5. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Water Management, Chatha Dr. A.K. Raina 75:25(ICAR:State) DWM (ICAR)
6. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Chickpea Dr. B.S. Jamwal 100 % ICAR IIPR (ICAR)
7. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Agrometeorology, Chatha Dr. Mahender Singh 75:25(ICAR:State) DRMR
8. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Rapeseed and Mustard, Chatha Dr. S.K. Gupta 75:25(ICAR:State) CRIDA (ICAR), Hyderabad 1998
9. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Maize, Udhampur Dr. R.S. Sudan 75:25(ICAR:State) IIMR (ICAR)
New Delhi
10. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Weed Management Dr.B.R.Bazaya 75:25(ICAR:State) DWSR (ICAR)
11. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Honeybee and Pollinators Dr. Devender Sharma 75:25 (ICAR:State) IARI (ICAR)
New Delhi
Networking/AICRP (Voluntary Centers) presently operating in the University with nominal funds (Long Term)=8
1. Network Project on Outreach of Technologies for Temperate fruit crops Dr. Mahital Jamwal 5 CITH (ICAR), Srinagar 2009
2. Networking project on Poonchi Sheep Dr. R.K. Tagger 52.5 NBAGR (ICAR)
3. Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources Dr. R.K. Gupta 53.93 ICAR, New Delhi June,2014
4. Outreach Programme on Zoonotic Disease Dr. S.K. Kotwal 55 IVRI(ICAR), IzatNagar, Bareily Feb.,2015
5. Integrated Agro Advisory Services (Jammu) Dr. Mahender Singh As per requirement /yr 100 % funded by IMD IMD(Ministry of Earth Sciences), New Delhi 1995
6. Agro Advisory Services (Rajouri) mid to high intermediate zone of J&K (Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa) Dr Vinod Gupta and Dr Rohit Sharma (TO) As per requirement /yr 100 % funded by IMD IMD(Ministry of Earth Sciences), New Delhi 2007
7. Livelihood opportunities through agro-technological interventions of tribal communities of Budhal Block Dr.Arvind Ishwar ICAR,NewDelhi 2014
8. Biotic Stress management in wheat triple Rust Dr. Tuhina Dey 11.00 IIWBR(ICAR) Karnal 2013
1. All India Network Research Project on Onion and Garlic Dr. Satesh Kumar 7.5 DOGR, Pune 2010
2. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Vegetables Dr R. K. Samnotra 1 IIVR, Varanasi 2005
3. All India Co-ordinated Project on Wheat and Barley, Rajouri I/C RARS, Rajouri 0.2 IIWBR (ICAR),Karnal 1998
4. All India Co-ordinated Rice Improvement Project, Rajouri I/C RARS, Rajouri 0.2 IIRR, (ICAR) Hyderabad 2005
5. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Linseed Dr. D.P. Abrol 0.2 CSAUAS, AICRP’s Linseed, Kanpur 2009
6. Coordinating Centre under AICRP on Agroforestry Dr. S.K. Gupta, 1 ICAR, CARI,Jhansi 2015
7. All India Co-ordinated Maize Improvement Project, Maize I/C RARS, Rajouri 0.6 IIMR (ICAR) New Delhi 2005
8. All India Co-ordinated Maize Improvement Project, Maize Dr Praveen Singh IIMR (ICAR) New Delhi 2012
9. All India Co-ordinated Project on Wheat and Barley, Rajouri Dr.Tuhina Dey 0.12 IIWBR

10. All India Coordinated Research Project on Nematodes Dr.Rajan Salalia Nil AICRP(ICAR) IARI, NewDelhi 2016
11. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Mushroom, Chatha Dr. Sachin Gupta 1.3 Lakh AICRP on Mushroom Directorate of Mushroom, Solan 2015