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  • To generate human resources of global competence in the field of Biochemistry through imaprting quality education.
  • To conduct Basic and strategic research in the field of Biochemical and Molecular Biology to upgrade agricultural products and productivity.
  • To develop and transfer of technology in agriculture and allied field
  • Generation of quality human resources equipped with modern scientific skills and knowledge.
  • Provide sustainable growth in agriculture and allied sectors.

  • Flagship Area of Research
  • Biochemical and molecular studies of climate change effects on plant health, nutritional quality and yield attributes.
  • Biochemical prospecting of plant/microbes for antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities.

  • Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
    Free radical scavenger and antioxidant activities of selected north-western Himalayan medicinal plants Dr. Sanjay Guleria DST, GoI, New Delhi Three Years -
    Factors affecting the olive oil quality and characterization of olive oil using standard protocols for technology transfer for effective marketing of the oil Dr. A.K. Tiku / Dr. Sanjay Guleria ICAR, New Delhi Three Years -
    Biochemical prospecting of some traditionally used north western Himalayan medicinal plant for antifungal metabolites Dr. Sanjay Guleria DBT, GoI, New Delhi Three Years -
    Expression profiling of dof genes for accumulation of seed storage proteins and nitrogen metabolism in common beans (Rajmash) Dr. Moni Gupta DBT, GoI, New Delhi Three Years -

    Name : Dr. Sanjay Guleria
    Designation : Professor & Head
    Area of Specialization : Biochemistry of induced resistance in plants, Isolation and characterization of bioactive molecules from medicinal plants
    E mail : guleria71@gmail.com
    Contact No : +91-9469211245
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    Name : Dr. Moni Gupta
    Designation : Associate Professor
    Area of Specialization : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    E mail : moniguptaskuast@gmail .com
    Contact No : +91-9469160994
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    Name : Dr. Vikas Sharma
    Designation : Assistant Professor
    Area of Specialization : Natural Products
    E mail : vikas.skuast@gmail.com
    Contact No : +91-9419634588, 9469752697
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