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  • Teaching: To impart quality teaching in Microbiology across the faculty
  • Research: To carry out basic and strategic research with focus on microbial  biodiversity, biofertilizers, biopesticides and other fields related to agriculture, industry and environment
  • Extension: To disseminate knowledge about practical applications of microbiology through  trainings and demonstrations
  • Field testing for validated technologies/modules

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
Evaluation of resident microflora for bio fertilizer potential Dr Brajeshwar Singh -
Studies on plant growth promoting activity of bacteria isolated from cucumber rhizosphere Dr Upma Dutta -

Name : Dr. S.E.H. Rizvi
Designation : Dean & Head
Area of Specialization : Sampling Theory ( Optimum Stratification), Applied Statistics, Statistical Modelling
E mail : sehrizvi_stats@yahoo.co.in
Contact No : 094191-38953
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Name : Dr. Brajeshwar Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
Area of Specialization : Microbial biodiversity Molecular Plant Pathology, Endophytes, Microbial Diagnostics, PGPR
E mail : brajeshbhau@yahoo.co.in
Contact No : 09419210036
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Name : Dr. Upma Dutta
Designation : Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
Area of Specialization : Mycology and Plant Pathology, PGPR
E mail : paarthupma@gmail.com
Contact No : 08803284866
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