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v Teaching / research / extension for developing human resources,

 undertaking  research in the field of Agricultural Meteorology.

v To study the crop-weather pest-disease interactions

v Crop growth & yield simulation modeling.

v Climatic Change & Variability.

v Weather forecasting & weather based Agri-advisories.

v Formulation and dissemination of real time out reach of weather based

agri-advisory to the farmers with ultimate aim to increase agricultural 

production with efficient use of climatic resources through modification 

of crop/orchard micro-climatic conditions.

v To prepare weather based agri-advisory bulletins and real time 

     dissemination  to the farmers of the different districts of Jammu region.

v To conduct training courses/ awareness program for famers and 

     agricultural officers.

v To maintain manual and automatic agricultural meteorological 

    observatories and  create a hard and soft meteorological database for 

    the  Jammu region for use of  students, scientists  and other users.

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
GRAMIN Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS), AMFU, Chatha, Jammu Dr. Mahender Singh IMD, (MOES), New Delhi Long term projects/ Schemes Download
All India Coordinated Research Project on Agrometeorology (AICRPAM) Dr. Mahender Singh CRIDA, (ICAR), Hyderabad Long term projects/ Schemes Download
Forecasting Agricultural Output using Space, Agrometeorology and Land based observations (FASAL). Dr. Mahender Singh IMD, New Delhi 2010 to 2018 Download
National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA-AICRPAM) Dr. Mahender Singh CRIDA, (ICAR), Hyderabad 2017 to 2020 Download

Name : Dr. Mahender Singh
Designation : Sr. scientist, I/c Agrometeorology & Nodal Officer (GKMS)
Area of Specialization : Agrometeorology
E mail :
Contact No : 9419101478
Profile : View Profile

Name : Dr.Veena Sharma
Designation : Technical Officer (AMFU-Chatha)
Area of Specialization : Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
E mail : 09419125127
Contact No :
Profile : View Profile

Name : Dr.Rohit Sharma
Designation : Technical Officer,Agrometeorology
Area of Specialization : Agronomy (Weed Science)
E mail :
Contact No : 9596619990
Profile : View Profile

Extension Activities for the welfare of Farmers

ØDissemination of weather based Agro Advisory bulletins (Tuesday & Friday).

ØConducting of Farmer Awareness Programme on climate change and its impact

On Agriculture.

ØOrganization of Field visit, Farmer training Programme, Stake holder meetings

 and demonstration of meteorological equipments to students, farmers and line


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