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Ø  To carryout systematic research on draught tolerant fruits and to select/recommended the most suitable kind and cultivar for cultivation in the rainfed areas, to ameliorate the economic lot of the farmers. It is envisaged to collect germplasm and elite fruit plant materials from far and near, to select the most promising.

Ø  Conservation of soil moisture through mulching in-situ, water harvesting and other cultural practices as well as storage of runoff water and its rational use at time of dry spell.

Ø  A complete package of practices including cultural practices, optimum nutritional requirement of fruit crops and their pest/diseases management will be evolved in respect of various type / cultivar of fruit recommended for cultivation in rainfed areas.  

Name of Project Principal. Investigator Agency Duration
Standardization of hydrogel and foliar application of antitranspirants on citrus spp. under rainfed conditions Dr Vijay Kumar University funded Two years -
Performance and evaluation of hydrogel and drip trickle irrigation intervals under mulching for horticulture crops under rainfed conditions Dr. Vijay Kumar University funded 2 years -
Standardization of rootstocks for Kinnow under rainfed conditions of Jammu sub-tropics Dr. Rakesh Kumar University funded Long Term -
Screening of elite germplasm of kazgilime (Citrus aurantifolia) in Jammu subtropics Dr. Rakesh Kumar University funded 3 years -
Screening of elite germplasm of red flesh guava in Jammu subtropics Dr. Rakesh Kumar University funded 3 years -
Soil carbon sequestration potential in relation to horticulture landuse systems in the lower shiwaliks of Jammu Dr. Vijay Kumar University funded 3 years -
Performance of antitranspirants and drip trickle irrigation on kinnow mandarin under rainfed condition of Jammu Sub-tropics Dr Vijay Kumar SKUAST-J Two years -
Introduction and evaluation of sapota cultivars and screening of elite germplasm in Jammu subtropics areas Dr Rakesh Kumar SKUAST-J Long term -

Name : Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Designation : Jr. Scientist (Fruit Science)
Area of Specialization : Fruit Science
E mail : Rakesh_sangwal@yahoo.com
Contact No : +919596926750
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Name : Dr. Vijay Kumar
Designation : Jr. Scientist/Asstt. Professor (Soil Science)
Area of Specialization : Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry
E mail : vijaykumar.1144@yahoo.com
Contact No : +918803289323
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Besides conducting different research activities on rainfed horticultural crops, Rainfed Research Sub-station for sub-tropical fruits, raya of SKUAST Jammu is engaged in promotion of establishing new orchards of mango, aonla kinnow and others minors & underutilized fruits in rainfed areas (Kandi). Research station is also engaged in production and distribution of the quality planting materials of the sub-tropical fruits i.e.  mango, aonla, kinnow, eureka lemon, karonda, phalsa, jackfruit etc among the farmers for catering the need of the rainfed farming community. Apart from this diagnostic services regarding rainfed horticulture is also provided to the line department and  farmers.

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